Some Setting Ideas from the Austin Quilt Guild

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Unfortunately, I missed Monday night’s quilt guild meeting because when I went rushing out the door tat the last minute, I  encountered a car that wouldn’t start 🙁

Fortunately, the guild published photos from Show and Tell and of some of the speaker’s quilts, who this month was Becky Goldsmith of Piece ‘o Cake–she was talking about color,  I am really unhappy that I missed it.  A couple of the images were good examples of a couple things you could do with this months’ block  . . .  if you are lucky enough to win.

This is Monica’s Show and Tell quilt.  The rectangular blocks are set in the way I tried to emulate with my block photo. 

 Here’s a closer look.  Her blocks are 4-patches, not 3-patches (an interesting idea for the future, maybe?)  She added strips to the long sides of the 4-patches to make them square, then sewed them together, rotating every other block.

The next two blocks are photos of Piece ‘o Cake quilts that Becky Goldsmith brought with her (and the actual designs are copyrighted by them).  They are great examples of pretty simple large scale applique on a pieced background . . . another idea that I have already mentioned too many times 😉

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  1. These are beautiful!

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