Waiting for Godot … aka Julie Wy

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I’ve heard from 7 of our 8 winners–thanks to all of you for responding quickly to my email.

I’m waiting to hear from Julie Wy in the UK.  I’ve sent email and posted a message on her blog letting her know that she won and asking her to get in touch. If anyone knows Julie and/or knows a way to reach her, could you please reach out and touch and ask her to check her email and reply to me?

I like to wrap things up quickly and I don’t like making everyone else wait.  It’s why when we shook up the rules a few months ago,  I said I expected people to let me know if they weren’t going to be available when the winners were announced and said we’d choose a new winner if someone didn’t respond in 24 hours … it’s not a rule I ever wanted to enforce, but …

Tick Tock.  The winners were announced 24 hours ago and I sent mail to Julie 18 hours ago.  Time is running out if you want to claim your winnings.

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