Last Minute Newbies

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In the past 12 hours, I have received email from two newbies that have made blocks–one sent a photo of her blocks and the other said she had made “some.”

I actually cannot find any mail that I have ever received from either of you before OR any mail in which you have sent the info I need from you to be included in the Block Lotto, though both of you indicate that you have mailed me or received email from me in the past.   If I had received email from you, I would have sent the standard response in which I tell you what information I need from you. I am truly sorry, but:

  • I cannot include you in the drawing if you haven’t provided your information to me.
  • I cannot include you in the drawing if I don’t have your info AND a photo of your blocks.

Corinne and Ronda, please read the email I have sent to you, please follow the links with information about how to participate and please respond with the information I need.  To be included in the drawing I need this ASAP.  THE deadline for the drawing has actually passed as I type this. For others that are thinking of joining the block lotto, please don’t wait until the last day of the month to send a note saying you’d like to join. Things get very busy at the end of the month/beginning of the month . . . especially when I have plans or commitments beyond the block lotto (yes, I do have a life).

Sending me you city, state (or province) with no postal (zip) code and no street address is not enough for anyone to get lotto blocks to you if you happen to win and therefore, I cannot include you in the drawing.

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