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I had so much fun creating these blocks. I think mostly your flickr step-by-step lesson helped me feel successful, Sophie! I admit, I have tried these in the past, and couldn’t be satisfied about the corners not always matching. Your finished ones made me try and be happy with the results.

I’m entering in 5 pairs, my photo only shows one of the sets because the picture was more balanced. I’m enjoying this one, and I hope to share the how to’s with my quilt class next week. Boy, it’s only the 4th, and mine are done!

Happy Quilting, pokey

1 Comment

  1. I guess you won't have to worry about getting the sneak peek in a couple weeks, huh? I'm glad you had FUN with these blocks. I definitely think there's liberated checkboard quilt in my future … because I had a lot of fun, too.

    I've added your great blocks to the list.

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