Replacement Alternate Winner for June

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2 days ago, just after I emailed Vivi and posted that she would our alternate winner, I heard from Jo–one of the original winners … who doesn’t have internet at home (she emailed from a friend’s house).

As I haven’t heard from Vivi,  Jo will go back on the list as Winner #9 … and I will be able to send out the mailing info later today.

Unfortunately, the Block Lotto isn’t like other blog giveaways and when one of the winners doesn’t promptly respond, it isn’t just me who has to wait, follow-up, re-email, etc … it’s at least FIFTY other quilters who have made blocks and are anxious to mail them to the winners.

It may make sense to make another change in the way things work because with so many winners every month, it seems that someone is ALWAYS going to be unavailable to check their email, the blog, etc. Although I’d like to think of this as our little community in blogland, perhaps it’s not realistic to think that its members actually check the blog beyond posting their blocks?


  1. I don't think it's unrealistic, Sophie. One of the rules of entering blocks in the lotto is to check the blog at the end of the month to see if you won. Not too much to expect.

  2. I don't think it's unrealistic. Especially since you not only post the winners but also send them a personal e-mail. A time limit seems reasonable.

  3. I don't think it's unrealistic either. I follow Block Lotto so I check it every day with all my other blogs. I've seen other people do giveaways on their own blogs who just make a post about the winner and expect you to contact them. It's about being part of a community, not just buying a lottery ticket at the newsagents.

    Would it help if you asked all the members now (and then any new members when they join) to let you know what their internet access is like so you can create a master list? People like Jo would say something like "irregular" and you know in advance that she might have a problem contacting you, without her having to let you know each month.

    I'd say "daily" so it's up to me to let you know in a particular month if I wont be available, and if you don't hear from me it's my own fault.

    Not that I want you to make extra work for yourself but just and idea that might make it easier each month in the long run?

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