Christa in VA – first ever Lotto Blocks

Posted by on August 17, 2011 in blocks | 3 comments

Hi, my name is Christa and I am VERY new to this. I hope the squares will live up to standard. The colors in the photo are not quite true though.

Sophie told me that I should introduce myself. So here it is in a nutshell: I was born and raised in Germany. Met my true English gentleman husband (born and raised in Windsor, England) just before he was transferred by his company to the USA in 1975 for 18 months … and we are here ever since. First we lived in Fort Lee, New Jersey, then St Louis, Missouri, then near and in Paducah, Kentucky. His last assignment by the company was in Singapore for 15 months. Now we live near Richmond, Virginia.

Yes, I lived in Paducah, Kentucky, Quilt City USA for about 30 years and I kept saying that I did not see the purpose of cutting up perfectly good fabric to then sew it together again. Because I loved making lace (still do). Mainly bobbinlace but also tatting. And I stuck to that until Singapore. There I was introduced to a small circle of quilters who got me excited about cutting up perfectly good fabric … I pieced 9 tops in a year and have finished (machine quilted etc) by now 4 of them. I find the quilting part … scary! But so far it always ended satisfactory.

I hope I didn’t bore you. I am looking forward to get encouraged by all your beautiful work to be more productive. Thank you!



  1. Welcome to the group Christa. I hope you enjoy Richmond. My husband raised his kids there, then married me and moved to my home in Pennsylvania! Most of the kids (and grandkids) still live there and we love to visit. I hope you find good fabric stores and a quilt guild to join. Kathie L in Allentown

  2. Nice to meet you, Christa! You will enjoy the variety that each month's projects bring to sew.

  3. Hi Chrisa. Welcome to Block Lotto and good luck!

    Windsor is not the place to be today, pouring with rain all day, grey, cold, miserable, feels like an autumn day 🙁

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