A reminder about Categories and Tags

Posted by on March 5, 2012 in Help | 2 comments

When you are posting your “I’ve sent your blocks” or “I’ve received your blocks” messages, be sure to choose the Category “sent and received.”  Since these posts generally do not have photos attached, you need to un-check the category “blocks”–which is used for post with block photos and adds a photo to the home page “recent work” section.

Blocks is the default category since that’s what most of our posts are, but if you use it for a post without a photo of blocks, then an empty box is displayed in the Recent Work section on the home page.

The Tag to use for all posts about the February block is “sampler 2012.”

When you’re read to publish, the Categories and Tags sections of the page should look like the example.


  1. The Categories are very easy to remember for me but the Tags … Is there a reason why it can’t be something like ‘2012 03’ for March or ‘2012 04’ for April etc? Or ‘2012 April’. Surely we all could remember that every month. It might make it easier on you, dear hardworking Sophie.

    • Usine year + month as you suggested would be easy to remember, but what value would it add?

      I think it would be unnecessary because you can find posts by date. Also, it would be unhelpful for anyone who wanted to find a specific block we made (samplers are the exception case). At least for me, after 10 years, usually I can remember the block name but not necessarily the month and year that we made it.

      The reason for the tag is to find past posts about a block that you might remember from the past or might be curious about because it happened before you joined the lotto and you’re curious to see the blocks that were made and what people had to say about them. It’s not a date stamp–we get that for free.

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