An Update on the Drawing and Me

Posted by on May 1, 2012 in housekeeping | 6 comments

I am home from the hospital and on my way to work–where, unfortunately, I cannot access the blog 🙁

Assuming that I don’t end up back in the hospital, I will update the list and pick (using the random number generator) tonight … and post the information for the May block.

I am sorry for the delay.  After being poked (and poked and poked) and prodded last night, the doctors really had no answer for me.  They ruled out pulmonary embolism–though not 100% since despite about a dozen tries, they never managed to get a good “stick” with the large needle and so did not perform the ordered CT Scan. After being told for 5 hours by three doctors and numerous other medical professionals that my problem was NOT the altitude, the doctor sent me away saying it probably WAS the altitude and joked (yes, joked) that I would know for sure when I returned to Austin Texas.  They did refer me to a couple of specialists for more tests.  I came home feeling frustrated (and still very much out of breath) … so I made myself eat something and went to bed.


  1. What a terrible ordeal Sophie! I’m praying it IS just the altitude and nothing more.

  2. Take it easy today!

  3. oh no Sophie! I hope you are feeling better SOON! Hoping it WAS just the altitude!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon, Sophie. Dang doctors. It’s just not that funny all the time! Hugs!

  5. What an ordeal-aren’t they helpful!
    Sophie listen to your body and take of yourself care the next little while!

  6. Sounds awful! So sorry! I hope you are feeling better today. Take good care.

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