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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in block lotto community, sent and received | 6 comments

when putting my quilt top together, I had wished that the blocks were signed somehow – or that there were signature blocks to include in the quilt – that got me thinking………  What if we include a signature block to include with the blocks we send to winners each month – something that is a constant – like a 3.5” signature block like this?  That way, we can make a bunch in advance, then just send one to each of the recipients.  I think it would be so neat to have those signatures for a pieced back!


  1. I’ll be watching for comments on your suggestion. Personally, I love signed blocks and signature blocks, but I wouldn’t want it to seem like too much extra work for anyone.

  2. When I won the trees, I wrote the name of the maker on at least one of their blocks. So there is some record of who and where the blocks came from.
    I am still not sure if I will do that with the recent plaid blocks I just won. I have left them in the envelopes for now, in case I do.
    I am not a big fan of piecing backs, so I probably wouldn’t even use a signature block on the back. But that is just me.

  3. Do we get to vote? I would prefer not to do this.

  4. I love the idea! I have signature blocks from several years of my birthday blocks in one of the guilds. I treasure those blocks.

    In my cyberguild we always do a signature quilt for someone each year. There are 7 of us. In Pat’s year, she had a heart attack and did not wake up one morning. We sent our quilt to her son who still tells me how much he treasures that piece of his momma.


  5. It’s a good idea but I’m not a huge fan….I’m a full time mom (of a 2 year old) and part time teacher. I would rather spend the little free time I have making blocks….

  6. as another idea, maybe when people send their blocks, they could write their name etc on a piece of fabric of a specific size, and the recipient can make it up into a signature block if they choose. I’m guessing we usually write our name on a piece of paper to include with the blocks, so writing it on fabric is not a stretch.

    Personally I’m not really fussed, I don’t think I’d use the signature blocks in a quilt if I won block lotto, and some people don’t use all their winning blocks for one quilt anyway. But if enough people said they love the signature blocks then above idea would provide them with personalised signature blocks, but not be a lot of work for the people sending it.

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