Why I have no May block entries

Posted by on May 12, 2012 in block lotto community | 8 comments

My daughter’s wedding dress.  I snapped a few pictures when she put it on to show  her sister and father.  This is the top for the reception.  For the ceremony she will have a long sleeved half-tee rather than the sleeveless.  Not the greatest pictures either.  There are about 870 3mm Swarovski crystals (clearAB) scattered throught the skirt.  The ribbon sash is silver satin.  I hope no one minds me posting this…I am really pleased with the dress and just wanted to show it off somewhere where the groom won’t see it!

Katy's wedding dress, front view, train downtrain down, back view



  2. I agree with Karin – absolutely stunning.

  3. You are mighty clever to have such a special project “under your belt”. Bravo !

  4. Really amazing! I can hardly believe someone (you) made it!

  5. Wow……beautiful! What a seamstress you are!!! I love the way the bodice/top is done!!!

    What a lovely bride to be!!!

  6. WOW!!!!! Amazing job!!!! Beautiful!!!!!

  7. Lovely bride, lovely dress! Love the idea about the different tops. Haven’t been to too many weddings myself to have seen this done before. Love the silver on white too. So elegant.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Michelle. I totally agree with all the comments so far. That dress is destined to become an heirloom and passed through generations of your family. Or … everyone may be coming to you to ask for one of their own and you will never have time for making lotto blocks 😉

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