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I am back in Texas, moving out of my apartment. So far, it’s going better than the last time … as you can see, I actually got a truck–a BIG one 😉

The sneak peek email for anyone who has made and posted School House blocks will be delayed a day or two until I am back in Santa Fe. I also have not updated the list of people who have made blocks (and will receive the sneak peek email about the July block). I tried to use my apartment’s “business center” to do it earlier today and the results were pretty disastrous, so I will likely wait until I am home for that task, as well.

If you want to start choosing fabrics for July, for each block you’ll need:

One 10-inch square of a LIGHT fabric that is NOT white or cream. It should read as a single color if you were looking at it from across a room.

Three different colored BRIGHT fabrics. These can be solids, tone-on-tones (TOT) or multicolor prints. Because of how we will be cutting these, even though you won’t need much, you’ll probably want to start with something like a 8-inch square and that 8-inch square will be enough for a bunch of blocks.

If you make multiple blocks, you can repeat fabrics, as long as each 4-fabric combination is unique.


  1. Have a safe move! Thanks for the heads up on fabrics. I won’t be doing much sewing in the next 2 weeks anyway, because I have a business retreat next week, and then travel to Indianapolis for my daughter’s wedding on 7/7! I’m approaching the state of panic; it’s just 2 weeks away and many things yet on our to-do list.

  2. I’m intrigued….just what will the block be??
    Will just have to wait.
    Safe trip, don’t forget anything!
    &….Your block arrived safe and sound! Thank you!

    • It’s another block that’s coming out of my head … so I need to put together some directions. It’s liberated and has similarities to a block from our past …

  3. Wow, big truck, big need. Hope the move all goes well!

  4. Oh a move! How lovely! I dislike them so much. I’ve lived in this house 18 years and my previous home 18 years. We are planning on moving this next year. I would like to rejoin Block Lotto. I miss it! When you get a chance. No rush. Obviously you have more important things to do. Toni

  5. no worries….I am behind on my block lotto sampler quilt blocks anyway. Don’t really want to get behind otherwise it will be too tedious later…..

    Wishing you safe travels and better luck on this move!

  6. I know it is a bit late but I lost the instructions/links for the school house block. Can anyone point me in the right direction and I will try to get at least 1 done this month. Thanks, Jo

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