Eight more Silly String Blocks from Kathy S.

Posted by on July 21, 2012 in blocks | 2 comments

I made eight more silly string blocks for July this week.  Here they are with the other block that I already submitted for a total of nine.


  1. Love your blocks. Do you enjoy making them … or is it a mission???:^) Do they get easier to make as you go along. Still have not tried them. I really like the ones I have seen.. thanks for sharing

  2. I love the Block Lotto. Each month I seem to learn a new skill from the blocks. That is why I joined the Block Lotto initially. Over a year later I’m still having fun. It seems like when I make the first block for the month it takes me longer. Then I seem to make two blocks at the same time. Sometimes picking out fabrics is the most difficult thing for me. But with the Block Lotto, I usually resort to my scrap stash. With the Silly String blocks I found that if I worked on two blocks at the same time it was easier to use two different background fabrics so that I did not get them mixed up with each other.

    I have won the Block Lotto twice. The two quilts that I made are two of my most favorite EVER and are both on my couch right now. Come on… try it… it’s a lot of fun.

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