My first try at Blocklotto

Posted by on July 24, 2012 in blocks | 1 comment


Here are two blocks I made for this month’s block lottery.  I learned a lesson on the first block that I thought I would share.  It is easier to cut one slash at a time than cutting all three out at once.  Once I had made my 10 inch block I got a little too excited to slash at it with my cutter.  I found that I had too many pieces to keep track of (a literal puzzle).  With my second I cut, sewed and then cut again.  This was much quicker and less difficult.


Happy Sewing





1 Comment

  1. Welcome to the block lotto, Christina. I can imagine that it’s a lot harder if you make all the cuts first … as I learned when I initially wrote directions for another block (wonky checkerboard). Fortunately, quilters here set me straight and helped me see the easier method.

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