And the WINNER of ALL the Flower Blocks is …

Posted by on September 30, 2012 in housekeeping | 1 comment

 We made 44 blocks in September.  Thanks again to everyone who gave this out-of-the-ordinary block a chance.

12 blocks were donated with no chance in the drawing, leaving 32 names in the virtual hat.

And the winner is Rachel. Your postman may start wondering why you continue to receive all this squishy mail.

If you made blocks in August, you might still have Rachel’s address–she’s a lucky two-in-a-row winner. BUT,  please don’t use the address from August because there IS AN ERROR IN THE ZIP CODE.  Fortunately, my August block was the only one returned with a “bad address,” but that doesn’t mean we’d be that lucky again.  (Imagine my horror earlier this month when I thought everyone’s blocks might be returned.)

Congratulations (again), Rachel!

1 Comment

  1. lucky lady! Congratulations!

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