September 3-D Flowers

Posted by on September 9, 2012 in blocks | 6 comments

Wasn’t sure about this block when I first saw it; but after I made the first one, I was hooked!!!!! They have turned out so cute! !!!!! Again, I got carried away and made 12 (so 3 for donation) unless the ones with the flower buds or the double stems don’t count and then I will have 9 for the drawing! !!! Thanks for the fun, Sophie !!!!!!!!


  1. I like the buds! This is one of those blocks that gets your creative juices flowing and asking “what if I…..”

    • Thank, Michelle!!!!

  2. Your buds are on the edge of breaking the rules, but since your blocks with buds also have a rule-following 3-lobed flower, we’ll count them.

    • Thanks, Sophie……I was hoping that was the case!!!

      • And my background isn’t as dark as it looks…..the picture is not very good!!

  3. Beautiful!

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