Three spring flowers from Laurina

Posted by on September 4, 2012 in blocks | 3 comments

It is supposedly Spring here in Auckland, but the weather has been shocking these past few days with high winds and heavy rain. So, I hope my spring flowers survive these conditions!

I experimented a little – the red flower is made up of 3 separate petals (my favorite one) and I tried a 5-petal yellow one. I also tried a few leaf shapes.

With all of the projects I have going on (not to mention my still-to-use April Block Lotto winnings) I am donating my blocks this month.


  1. I really like the scrappy 3-petal look.

  2. I like it and your other variation, too, but … I hate to tell you that only your pink flower follows the guidelines and can be included for the block lotto.

    The guidelines exist to make our flowers look like they belong together, with a little room for variation and personal expression, and to make it easier for the winners to make a successful quilt.

  3. I love all of them! I might have to make some like the yellow and 3 petal for my sampler.

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