Tips and Tricks for the 3-D Flower Block

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I’m going to attempt to capture the suggestions and explanations that I know will be coming in this post.

If at first you don’t like the block …

I already shared this thought, from Christa, with the sneak peekers–it’s more about attitude than technique, but something to consider if you shared her first impression of the block:

First when I got the sneak peek I thought “don’t really like it” but when I made it, I fell in love with it. AND learned a lot again.

Designing a block with two flowers Michelle shared her process for creating a block with two blooms and a Y-stem created by inserting the bias strips into the background.

See more here.


Appliqué Techniques

NOTE: For both these methods, you’ll need to cut the bias for the stem at 1 1/2 inch wide.

A couple days ago, Lynette Anderson posted a great tutorial on preparing fabric tubes to use for appliqué in this article, Bias Stem Tutorial. If you don’t have bias bars, check out your tool box or local hardware store for a zip tie. I once was supplied one for that purpose and it actually worked well.

In my previous post, I described an approach where the stem/vine is stitched to the background and then folded over that seam to cover it and the seam allowance before stitching it down.

Getting the Proportions Right

I didn’t like the proportions of my first flower block, but by the time I got to the second, I realized that I could easily make paper templates to use as part of my designing process.

For this block, once I had a right-sized paper-leaf, I traced it onto the fabric to produce a 3-D fabric leaf that was just the right size, too.

Next time I’ll probably make a paper flower bloom, too 😉


Think Multiples

If you know you’ll want more than one leaf on your block or plan to make multiple blocks using the same green fabric for stems and leaves, consider drawing and stitching bunches of leaves in one fell swoop.

These three leaves were drawn with the template above and used in that block.

What Else?

If you have had an “aha” moment when making your blocks or have a tip to share, tell us when you post your block(s) or leave a comment here.

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