Double cappuccino with extra foam

Posted by on November 6, 2012 in blocks | 3 comments

A long time ago, I used to hang out in a coffee bar that had these realllllly tall mugs with a teeny-tiny, finger-loop type handle way up near the rim & they were all patterned in what I can only describe as “wallpaper translated in ceramic. When I saw this block in the sneak peak I knew I had to make on of those. I only hope I get a chance to make a whole set +extras to keep for myself.

& I am sorry to be so blonde but I cannot find the correct tag for these blocks (I admit I am trying to read a small font on a badly lit monitor & it is probably right there in front of me); if someone would tell me what it should be, I will add it.



  1. The tag for these blocks is mug.

    • Ps. Cool mug 🙂

    • Mug. No wonder I was flummoxed. It has been a long week.

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