October Block Mailing info is on it’s Way

Posted by on November 5, 2012 in housekeeping | 1 comment

I’ve just emailed everyone who made split star blocks in October with the mailing info.

PLEASE, check my work:

  • If you made blocks, but didn’t receive email from me, let me know ASAP
  • If the number of blocks I said you made on the chart isn’t right, let me know ASAP
  • If you have any problems opening the Adobe Acrobat format PDF file, let me know ASAP.

Between the “Falling back” from daylight savings time saturday night, the one hour time difference between here and Houston, the 7 hours spent in airports and on planes to get home and my late arrival last night … I confess I’m beat and won’t be surprised if mistakes are found.

I will update the at-a-glance page soon … but probably not tonight. ¬†After I hunt up my voter registration card and have some inner, I’m headed to bed with a book.

1 Comment

  1. May you have inner peace, and a nice dinner, too. *grin* Have the cats forgiven you for the trip yet?

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