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I’m looking for someone who enjoys using scraps in his or her quilting and would be willing to take a bag of them off my hands.  I hate to waste these scraps but I’ll never use them, and we can’t keep stuff in the RV that won’t be used.

These are pieces from the latest round of Christmas quilts, so they include a goodly amount of Christmas fabrics and red, green and gold fabrics.  The bag weighs a little over a pound.  I don’t think there are any pieces smaller than one inch in there, though there are a number of little triangles from half-square triangle blocks.  Also some units which didn’t make the cut, some mis-cut wedges, some strips, a handful of 2 inch squares, and so forth.  I have cats, so there may be bonus cat hair included, but the scraps are smoke-free.

I’ll gleefully mail the bag (gratis) to someone who would be glad to get it.  If you’re interested, please comment on this post.  On Monday, Nov 19th, I’ll draw a comment at random and contact the winner to find out where to send the bag.  Thanks in advance!


  1. How generous of you! I would love to have them. I make many scrap quilts….my favorites as a matter of fact. Cat hair, psshaw! My cat thinks my cutting table is his. For naps, or petting! I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I would love to integrate them into my quilts.

  2. Very generous! I love scraps and have my fingers crossed!

    • Helen, your number came up to get this bag o’ scraps! You can either contact me at catlinye at yahoo dot com with your mailing address, or if it’s ok with you, I can get your mailing address from Sophie. Let me know!

  3. I use scraps constantly in American Hero quilts. I have some Christmas fabrics I’m planning on using for Child of a Hero quilts, too. That’s a generous offer. When we lived in our 5th wheel full time, Paul’s biggest complaint was the weight of my fabric. =)

  4. I love, love, love scraps. They make me so happy!

  5. I love English piercing with hexagons.

  6. wow nice variety of scraps would love to have them. My husband favorite quilt was one made of scrap of all size and sewn together (i think it is ugly lol) but it seems everyone who see it loves it. Thanks for a chance ang in pa

  7. I “rolled the die” and it came up 2! Congrats Helen!

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