A Block Lotto Christmas Quilt

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Michelle_July2003_lotto Quilt

I hope Michelle doesn’t mind … I saw this quilt in an online album of holiday quilts and noticed that it was made from Lotto blocks that she won in July 2003.  It was a Christmas in July theme–we made a block from the quilter’s cache site that Marcia named Christmas Quilt 2001.

Here’s what Michelle said about the quilt:

This is the quilt I made from the July 2003 BOM Lotto blocks I won. My 11th child was just 3 months old, and having been a premie, we were having difficulties adjusting and getting her nursing well. The making of this quilt was part of what kept me sane through that difficult time. It was completed in September, 2003, and donated to my church for a silent auction. I machine quilted it myself using gold metallic thread. The finished size is approximately 56-inches square.

I wanted to share it because not only is it appropriate for a Christmas Eve post, but I think the setting is very interesting.  I am sure that whomever won it in that silent auction is still enjoying it, almost 10 years later.


  1. I love that quilt! Thank you for posting it. It’s very inspirational for Christmas projects. I have a whole year to come up with a good one! =)

  2. I don’t mind you sharing at all….I had forgotten all about that quilt. Fun to see quilts we have made and forgotten!

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