One Star Crossed Block

Posted by on December 11, 2012 in blocks | 2 comments

Star-crossed block with 30’s print as the medium value fabric.

These are fun blocks to make!  I’d have more, but the Christmas crunch has arrived in earnest and binding gifts is taking a front seat to other quilting.  Hopefully there will be time to make a couple more after the mail avalanche hits the post office.  I’d like to donate my chances this month, “in keeping with the situation” as Mrs. Dilber says in these scenes from my favorite version of A Christmas carol (YouTube link.)


  1. Glad to see you included the Block Lotto in your 30’s repros cutting. I have been wondering if we should do a 30’s repro month in 2013–what do you think?

    • LOL sure! But the way things are going I might not have any left by then!

      I gotta say, when pulling 30’s prints for this it was actually something of a challenge to determine whether they were light or medium (almost no darks in that milieu.)

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