An Update and a Couple Questions

Posted by on January 22, 2013 in block lotto community, sent and received | 7 comments

An Update for the December winners

I (finally) mailed my December star-crossed blocks to Margaret and Nann today.  Julie’s went out with my starter package for the Cotton Robin last week. I have no good excuse for being so late and I’m sorry.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk since my beloved Bernina died last week–I have an appoint at the end of the week at the nearest dealer (a little over an hour away).

I hope mine are the last blocks you receive (and that all others arrive before mine).

Questions for Everyone

For those of you who have blogs or follow blogs, what do you think about have a weekly Linky party here, where you could share your blog and what you’ve been up to lately? I don’t love the plugin that currently randomly displays some of our blogs in the right side-bar of the At-a-Glance page, plus I know it’s an incomplete list.  I thought a weekly Linked list would be a way for members (and other followers) to share whatever they’re up to and give everyone a chance to discover blogs by members of what I think of as the Block Lotto community.

If you like the idea of a weekly Mr. Linky party and have an opinion of best day of the week to do it, let me know.  I envision this as being sort of open opportunity to share the latest and greatest from your blog … but it could be more structured and topic based, for example,  Show us your … first quilt(s), latest quilt, 2-color quilts, etc … What do you think?

I also wonder if those of you with blogs would be interested in participating in a Block Lotto-themed blog hop.  It would be an opportunity for me to promote your blogs on this site and for you to blog about the Block Lotto (though I know, many of you already do–thanks!)


  1. I’d be willing to share my latest blog post on a given weekday, if anyone would be interested. I’ve been trying to be a little better about regular updates, and this might help. Though no bets on content!

    If you wanted to go themed and ask for entries on a topic, that could perhaps be a monthly thing like the block lotto?

  2. count me in! I especially like the topic idea. & since you asked Sunday afternoon is when I play blog catch-up.

  3. I think this would be fun; I have been quite delinquent in maintaining my blog but posted some photos recently. I enjoy online meeting with our Lotto participants, so a little discussion about recent non-Lotto activity would be of interest. I’ve connected with a few participants and their blogs and they have led me to other interesting sites, swaps and tutorials.

  4. A weekly link up is WAY too often…….. I for one would just skip over it……

  5. I would like a weekly linky party. I like Mondays, not to compete with the other one, but I’ve pretty much quit linking there. I agree, topic oriented, shouldn’t be more than once a month. As for a blog hop, actually I don’t check them out, unless it is someone I already follow. Only so much computer time available. Cheers! Toni

  6. I’m in. Any day is okay with me, but I think Wed. and Fri. have a lot of linky parties already. Either themed or not is fine with me, too. I do at least one blog hop a week – reading, I mean, not participating – I always enjoy them and look forward to them, so that would be fun now and then, too.

  7. I very much enjoy reading other people’s blogs so a linky party sounds fun. Not sure I can participate often since my sewing time is momentarily limited. Not totally sure what a blog hop is but it sounds like fun.

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