April + December

Posted by on January 3, 2013 in block lotto community | 6 comments

I kept thinking that last April’s Hot-crossed 9-Patch block would combine well with December’s Star-crossed.   Before jumping into a larger quilt, I decided to make a table topper from 9 blocks.

I’m still thinking about borders (your suggestions are welcome), but I liked the combination so much I had to share this in-progress photo.



I modified the Hot-Crossed 9-Patch block to make the crosses wider (cut at 1 1/2-inch) to match those in the star blocks.

If you are thinking this color combination doesn’t look like me, you’d be right.  It is the result of one of those “what if” questions–I pulled fabrics to match the striped sisal rug under my table and when I looked at the stack, I REALLY didn’t think they’d work.  I had to suspend disbelief while I cut and sewed the blocks.  But it has grown on me and now I like it quite a lot.

And I really like the combination of blocks, too.  If only we’d made the HC9P blocks in May, then I could have called this combination a May-December romance 😉


  1. I love the colours and the combination of the two blocks.

  2. How clever of you to combine those two blocks. Talk abour creativity! They are great together!

  3. Love those colors together, though I wouldn’t have chosen them either. That rust-red fabric is particularly handsome.

    Since you asked (I always have an opinion *grin*) I’d like to see a narrow border the same width as the sashing, maybe in the medium blue of the squares, with cornerstones at the sashing intersections. Can’t decide on cornerstone colors, though; I’d have to see it in person. And then maybe a wider plain border if needed for size, perhaps with contrasting squares at the corners.

  4. I think your use of those blues in the crosses really makes a statement.

  5. Sophie, I really like this idea. Love how the blocks compliment each other.
    Deborah Boak of katy, TX

  6. I love this combination. I wondered what the two would look like together. But that was all I did, wonder. I am so glad you actually did it!!

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