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I don’t know how many of you are making (or maybe even finished) your own sampler quilt from lotto blocks … or if you considering making a sample from this year’s rectangular blocks.

I thought it might be nice to have a place to talk about our sampler ideas and support one another and so I have created the new category My Sampler.

Or maybe *I* just need some support to finish a couple Block Lotto samplers in progress and help me justify my plan to start another–a 60 x 90 sampler quilt from this year’s blocks.  Here are two simple layouts I’m considering.

simple-layout   simple-layout-2

If you are thinking of playing along,  here are some of the characteristics of this year’s block choices.

  • All the blocks can be made in two colors. (My plan is to make a minimal-ish 2-color quilt using the black and white drawing above.
  • Half the blocks need a Tall orientation to make sense, but the other half will also work as short, wide blocks.
  • A couple of the blocks would work well as borders. The black bars in the drawings above represent multiples of those ‘border’ blocks in a horizontal (wide) orientation.

Whether you plan to make a sampler from this year’s blocks (or any year’s blocks), or are just sampling a couple of them (like the April-December combination I posted earlier today), if you’d like to share your progress, ask for suggestions, or share your finished quilt, please do so and use the category My Sampler.  If you are posting a finished project, also add the category Show and Tell, so it will show up in the home page slider and in the Gallery.

Since I’m talking about categories, I also wanted to mention Block Lotto Community.  Use this one for posts that you want to share here that aren’t specifically about the Lotto, like sharing a work-in-progress o finished project, asking for input on a design, looking for others in the lotto community to maybe meet at a quilt show.

1 Comment

  1. I have never made a sampler, but this looks very interesting. Maybe I’ll go for one in 2013.

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