More Shoo Fly

Posted by on January 29, 2013 in show and tell | 3 comments

I talked myself out of making more of these blocks because I have a Shoo Fly quilt I haven’t finished from when I got overexcited during a previous Block Lotto.  But since there were scraps, I enlarged Sophie’s block and made a new bag holder. The pics show it open and finished. I can’t believe that one lime fabric looks so yellow here.

Tall Fly bag holder flatTall Fly bag holder


  1. I love this idea … and have been planning to make a quilty bag holder.

    FYI, I edited your post to move it to the show & tell category so it will show up on the Gallery page and in the home page slider.

    • I love your bag holder. Here in Northern California we are bo longer “allowed ” plastic bags. One of those you don’t realize how much they will be missed until they are gone.

      • Thanks! I have to say, having just cleaned my closets, I have been appalled at the number of bags that accumulate if you don’t remember to bring a tote bag with you. One of the few benefits of small NY kitchens is that those grocery bags are just the right size for trash. One the upside, maybe this means I need a shoo fly tote!

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