Weekend Update: Where Do Your Quilts Go?

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I laugh at myself whenever I walk into my bedroom.  It’s more than obvious … a quilter sleeps here.

Quilts in Sophie's Room

A quilter sleeps here

This month’s topic for weekend update asks the question:

What happens to the quilts you make?  Do you use the quilts you make on your beds, hang them on your walls, decorate your table? Do you support a favorite charity through quilt donations?  Tell us about it. or share photos of your quilts in use … or a tip for hanging quilts, decorating with quilts, etc.

My house has a lot of spaces for hanging and using quilts.  I try to keep it under control, but figure that my bedroom is one place I can enjoy quilts with abandon 😉

As you can see, I am currently enjoying the wonderful quilt made for me by many of you–hung on the wall using two 3 lb 3M Control Strip hooks.  I planned to vacuum and remake the bed more neatly before taking this photo, but … after interrupting Grace’s afternoon nap at the foot of the bed, I decided against disturbing her any more than necessary.


  1. Many of my quilts are for charity. Then of course I’ve given some to my family. I seem to have them all over the house, too. Small projects in the kitchen, one each in the bathrooms, on many of the beds, in my computer room wall, on chairs and tables. I’m in the process of making twelve wall hangings that I can hang and change out over the fireplace.

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  3. Well, that flew out into cyberspace too quickly! LOL. I was going to say:

    Awww….what’s a little cat hair and dust? I live with it all the time, so it seems just plain normal!

    My quilts go to family and friends as gifts, a few charity ones but not that many. I give 30-40 hours to the animal rescue CAAWS as a board member and financial officer, so my quilts stay with me for a purpose.

    We hung the show I posted above with a museum hanging system. It had a track on the wall against the ceiling, hooks with long sturdy wires which had pressure hooks that moved on the wires and could be added as needed. It was the easiest hanging I have ever done.

    Thanks Sophie for having the Weekend Update!

  4. There are two beds in the house and they both have quilts. I have a couple of sets of quilted placemats. And that’s all the quilting on display at home.

    So, where do my quilts go? In addition to wedding/baby/graduation gifts, I donate 12-15 to various charitable events each year. Sometimes I make a quilt for a particular cause, but more often I make quilts to please myself and choose what would be suitable to donate. I have sold quilts and flimsies (unquilted tops) — by no means a money-making proposition.

  5. Your bedroom looks so warm and inviting with the quilts on display! I see my block on the wall quilt, that’s a smile for me, and a hug to you!
    I like my quilts on display, on chairs, beds, walls…and table toppers/ runners thrown in the mix, too. Many are gifts, though ~

  6. Many of the quilts I make go our church ministry that serves anyone in need. We are a small group but we have produced many healing quilts. A lot of prayers go into the quilts as they are made for the unknown recipients . It is awesome to hear back from them with stories of what the quilt did in their lives
    I also make quilts for family members and on occasion have been commissioned to make quilts for others.
    To me , quilt making is the most satisfying work I’ve ever done.

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