Another Kind of Bird Block in May

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Sophie's Trio of GeeseIn May,  we’re making Flying Geese blocks with cream or light tan backgrounds and three fabrics of your choice that have light, medium and dark values. Three 3 by 6 inch (finished size) geese units make up our 6 by 9 inch (finished size) block, so I’m calling it Trio of Geese.

You may make your flying geese units using your preferred method.  I’ve described my three go-to ways to make flying geese here:

Sophie’s Tips for Flying Geese

And included the basics, fabric guidelines, a method for making the maximum of 9 blocks from 7 geese fabrics and a foundation template for those who choose to paper piece the block here:

Trio of Geese Block

Nan's Geese and HSTs

Nann’s Trio of Geese Blocks

If you make your flying geese units using the one-at-a-time method, like Nann did.  You will end up with a flock of nine geese and a bunch of triangle squares.  (I see a border idea here).

If, like me, you are a fan of the no-waste method where you make 4 geese units at a time, you can start with 7 fabrics and end up with 9 unique blocks and one geese unit left over.

Sophie's Trio of Geese blocks

Sophie’s Trio of Geese blocks

Fabric Guidelines

Each Trio of Geese block is made  from FOUR fabrics:

SKY–a solid or tone-on-tone (TOT) cream or light tan fabric. If you make multiple blocks, you can use the same SKY fabric for all your blocks.

GEESE–three fabrics of your choice which have light, medium and dark values in relation to one another.  If you make multiple blocks, you may repeat fabrics as long as each block is made from a unique 3-fabric combination and follows the light-medium-dark rule.

Tags & Categories

This month, use the tag Geese

As usual, please choose the category blocks for posts containing photos of your blocks, sent and received for messages about blocks mailed and received and show and tell for photos of your projects made using this block.

NOT the Virtual Quilt

If only there was a 31st of April, I would have been able to show you a completed quilt made from our May block.  Instead, I’m updating this photo a day later with my quilt, Finding My Way, which was the inspiration for this month’s scrappy Trio of Geese block.

Sophie's scrappy geese quilt, Finding my Way

Most of these flying geese units as part of a block exchange. I added a 2 inch strip to each side, creating 9 inch (finished size) blocks, like the Jeweled Geese blocks we made for the block lotto a few years ago. You can see the quilt Terri made from those blocks here.


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    Sophie, do you want the gradation to be the same? Lt at the top, med, dark or can they be in any order in each block?

    • Yes, the Geese units should be in light-to-dark order within the block.

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