Sophie’s Flock of Birds has Flown and a Reminder about Categories

Posted by on May 7, 2013 in Help, sent and received | 1 comment

I mailed my Bird blocks at the end of the day yesterday to the lucky winners.  I am looking forward to see what you make from these fun blocks.

Tags-and-CategoriesAs a reminder, when you post about mailing your blocks to the winners or receiving the blocks you’ve won, select the category sent and received.  The tag should be the same tag designated for the blocks.

If you incorrectly check the category blocks–which should only be used for posting photos of the blocks you are entering in the drawing–a blank square appears in the Recent Work section of the home page, which is designed to display the most recent blocks made.

If you accidentally check show and tell, which is just below sent and receive, then a big blank square will appear in the slider on the home page and on your post (with no image) will also be added to the gallery.

I try to go back and fix posts with the wrong categories selected, but I don’t always have time. A few seconds of care on your part can save me what sometimes turns out to be hours of work as I work my way through all the posts, looking for errors.

1 Comment

  1. Sorry, Sophie. Guilty. I can never remember that.

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