6 Tall Stars Received Today!

Posted by on October 7, 2013 in sent and received | 2 comments

I was waiting for 3 stars from Madison and 3 stars from Debra. Today’s mail brought two identical envelopes of 3 stars each. Both envelopes had return addresses of Quinlan, TX.  One return address had Debra’s name on it.  The other envelope had blue marker through the name crossing it out but it looks like name crossed out was Desiree and same last name as Debra’s. Address was different from Debra’s but, as I mentioned…city, state was Quinlan, TX and according to mailing sheet Madison was from West Tawakoni, TX same zip as Debra.  I don’t see Madison’s last name anywhere on mailing sheet so maybe she is related to Debra and has same last name????


So, although I’m confused…I have received the number of blocks I was supposed  to receive and I will assume mystery envelope should be counted as Madison’s contribution.


I’m all set now. Thanks, everyone for your lovely stars, time and efforts.


  1. Cathy, thanks for the update. Maybe someone will step up and explain the address confusion … it does sound unexpected.

    • Hello, I am related to Debra Woodward. I live in West Tawakoni, TX but Quinlan, TX will work for my address also. I did get my boomers mailed out. I do have a question. At the post office when I mailed them it was rather expensive. $2.07 for the four shipping to Kathie and $6.55 for the three shipping to Margaret in Australia. I this always the case for everyone? Thanks, Madison

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