Rotating Images in WordPress

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WordPress has some limited image editing capabilities.  Once you find them, It’s pretty easy to rotate and/or crop images.  Here’s how.

01-EditPostFirst,  you want to go to the media library.  In this example, where I rotated the images in one of Bonita’s posts, I started by editing the post, then clicked the Add Media button.

If when you upload your image(s), you notice that they are not the orientation you expected, you can edit them before you insert them into your post.





If you are coming from the post, when it opens the Insert Media interface, be sure the Media Library is selected at the top.  Find the image you want to edit and select it.  Then, on the right side of teh screen in the Attachment Details section, click the link to Edit Image.


A new browser window (or tab) will open with the Edit Media screen.

03-ImageEditorThe buttons above the image allow you to:

  • Crop the image
  • Rotate the image 90 degrees counter-clockwise
  • Rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise
  • Flip the image vertically
  • Flip the image horizontally

The arrows on the right of the group are to undo and redo.


04-RotateClockwise When you have finished editing the image, don’t forget to click the Save Button (at the bottom) and then the Update button (on the right side of the screen.  With each action, you should see a text confirmation message at the top of the screen (in a yellow bar), telling you the image has been saved and then updated.

Then you can close this window/tab and return to the Media Library.  You will not automatically see the edited version of your image.  It’s probably still selected–if not select it–then click the Refresh button in the Attachment Details section to see the updated version of your photo.


05-Refresh 05a-Imageupdated


06-Delete-and-Add-ImageIf you have edited a photo that was previously inserted into a blog post, you will need to edit the post to delete the original version of the image and then insert the updated one.

If you have multiple images in your post, you will need to edit them one by one.

To add an image that is already in your media library, after clicking the Add Media button, be sure to switch from the Upload tab to the Media Library, then select the image(s) you want to add and click the button, Insert into Post.

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