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6 -Beads on a String - Blocks

Six- Beads on a String with 4 examples of  “Maroon” fabrics chosen by 4 different clerks for me as it seems  I am “Maroon” challenged.  On a happy note though I have Yellow and Orange firmly nailed! LOL


  1. LOL!

  2. I too struggle with “maroon”. Everything I have is either too rust or too burgundy. I did buy a fat quarter today and without giving any hints as to what color I WANTED it to be I asked the clerk “What color would you call this?” Her response “Maroon” I thought “Whew! Nailed it!” Then she said “on the browner side of maroon.” I know even with everyone’s interpretation of maroon, this will yield a beautiful quilt. Now if I can just find time to make the blocks!

    • I’m glad to see I’m not alone! Maroon seems to be in a league “Not of it’s own” Everyone seems to have their own version of it here…or maybe I should say “confusion of it here.” Think I should write a poem and entitle it …”On the trail of the Elusive Maroon”….Slight interruption here…my son just came in and asked what I was doing so I read him this….can’t stop laughing…seriously…he said, ” It’s a white cookie Mom”… So, there we have it!

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