My proposed colour way for mod mod-full

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I’d love some input here from those with experience-  do you feel

My proposed  Fabrics for Mod Mod quilt

the cream TOT as background will make this too bright and in your face?  Do you think a darker background would work better ie. a cardboardy tone beige? My Fabrics are pretty bright. I want to start sewing and I really need to get cutting but, I am not experienced and I am hesitating here…sometimes that is a red flag for me so I thought I’d put it out there and just ask for opinions.


  1. I don’t think there’s a right (or wrong) choice for you. The lighter background will make a quilt with higher contrast; a darker beige will feel warmer/earthier. Which is the look you want?

    Your fabrics are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what you decide to use for the background and following the progress on your quilt.

    • Thank you Sophie for your explanation and for everybody elses (that I wouldn’t have if the site wasn’t here)..I am so glad I asked because now I feel confident that I am on the right track for the feeling I’m after with this quilt. Although I have been more of a traditionalist in the past, when I saw the quilts Andrew led to I knew I was after that kind of feeling. I didn’t quite understand what I was seeing or how to interpret that feeling with the fabrics now, I’m pretty sure I do. Sophie, it’s going to be Mod_Mod all the way! Thank you for your patience.

  2. I think what you have there looks very nice, particularly with the pinks, blues and purples.

    • Thank you Kathy for taking the time to comment. It has been an exciting journey for me and I am learning so much about fabric , textures and colour. I am continually surprised by how well different colours can look together! It is so exciting, I am a little scared that my choices might end up looking really gaudy but, I do like the bright bold ones, they make me feel very happy and energetic. I am definitely leaning towards this combination now for the sake of synchronicity. Everything Mod- Mod. LOL

  3. I think the white is perfect and I’ll bet you end up loving it!

    • Thank you Toni, I sure hope so because that is the way I am leaning…the white pictured has a little creaminess in it and comments have bolstered my courage and I have pretty much decided to go Mod-Mod. LOL

  4. I agree with Sophie. I think what you have there looks great! But that’s just the kind of quilt I like. In my opinion the higher contrast gives it a more “Modern” feel. Lower contrast feels more traditional to me.

    • That’s good to hear Andrew! I have never been let down by Sophie’s advice in the past. I saw some quilts you posted re fabric giveaway and it was like a light clicked in my brain and I said to myself, “Self, I want to make something that feels like That!” Sophie and your explanation has really helped me clarify what I am aiming for. I get it now …(Higher Contrast)- more Modern and (Lower Contrast)- more Traditional…I like both but for this one I’m pretty sure its Mod- Mod. Thank you for taking the time to sort me out.

  5. I would be making my choice depending on what I want to achieve. If it’s to be a bright, dynamic and modern looking quilt, your background choice is fine. A cream or gray will still preserve all your color choices, but they won’t pop quite as much. I often use a warm golden-yellow for background because I live in the frozen north and sunshine here is always welcome! Your fabrics certainly look great.

    • Elizabeth thank you for your comments, they are spot on everyone else comments. They have all helped me to understand colour and its’ affects on us. Being new to quilting I find I am second guessing my colour choices and that isn’t relaxing. I want this to stay fun…I have to say here, I am having a kick with it all and that I appreciate everyone’s input…without it I’d be sunk! The thought you shared about Frozen North , I can relate to that…It has been a hard winter here too and the white pictured does have a bit of creaminess to it…not a lot but certainly some. I’m going with it…Mod-Mod all the way!

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