Mod mod qal -Chevrons

Posted by on April 14, 2014 in my sampler | 3 comments

Well, I have been thinking about where I will take the colour for the Month- January Chevrons… and I decided to go with off white TOT and Greens. I am working on my Beads- on a- String today. The invisible thread is! I am trying Dena’s video tip WIP with aluminum foil and it is totally easy and fast and giving me the best results yet! (I tried using a CD for the template (just an experiment)…I know it is the wrong size but , it worked beautifully to give a nice clean edge…just something to consider if you need a circle.)january chevron mod mod qald


  1. Analogous color ways are probably my all-time favorite. I love your green chevrons.

    • Thank you Sophie, I was going to go all Mod and uber vibrant ..then I hiccuped….as this develops it will pick up more colour – how much more, depends on how brave I get…(I pre – washed the fabrics twice and after sewing some of the beads today I took them to the ironing board used spray starch and ended up with a mess of blue bleeding into my background fabric and ironing board cover…I tried soaking them right away and wasn’t able to get all the staining out. I am laundering the Batik a few more times and I will make more beads tomorrow. By the time I get through this block I should be an expert at circle blocks! LOL…I’m loving this!

  2. The Chevrons are looking good!! I’m so glad the foil method worked for you too. I like it too. Thanks for the CD tip! I think I will use a CD next time. I tried to cut a perfect circle template but I didn’t.

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