The Extra Sneaky Sneak Peek for May

Posted by on April 23, 2014 in housekeeping | Comments Off on The Extra Sneaky Sneak Peek for May

Since I will be at an all day quilting retreat tomorrow, held in a place with practically non-existent cell service, I just sent the May sneak peek email to everyone who has made Triangles-in-a-Square blocks and posted them this month.

I’ve switched up my process a bit and sent the  sneak peek to a blind list to prevent it being hijacked for another purpose … again.  Unfortunately, this may cause your mail program to decide that it’s spam.   If you should have received the sneak peek, but didn’t, please check your spam folder–if it’s not there, let me know ASAP and I’ll send it to you as an individual email message.

If you post blocks between now and the normal sneak peek deadline of noon (US Eastern Daylight Time) tomorrow, I’ll forward the message to you later tomorrow.

If you haven’t (yet) made April blocks and are curious about what’s coming … we’ll be making 2-color 7-inch square (finished size) blocks using two fabrics:

  • True BLUE – it may be darker or lighter, but should be close to a pure blue–no aquas, turquoise, teals or blue violets.  It can be a blue solid, tone-on-tone (TOT) print, or a multicolor print that is predominately blue and reads as blue from a few feet away.  You’ll need a unique BLUE fabric for each block you make.
  • CREAM – it may cream or light tan solids or tone-on-tone prints.  If you make multiple blocks, you can use the same CREAM in multiple blocks.


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