Have you seen my Oak Leaves?

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Christa said (in a comment) that she is sometimes inspired by the Block Lotto.  I find that I usually get ideas for using the blocks as we make them, too.
DSCN5970As part of the Rainbow Scraps Challenge, each month, I have been making a single, super-sized (10 x 15 inches) scrappy Oak Leaf block in the designated color of the month. This month’s color is green (bright or dark).

I don’t know why I settled on this particular size, but it wasn’t in the original block directions, so last month I updated them to include the measurements for making a scrappy 10 x 15 inch block (finished size).

Oak Leaf Block in Six Sizes

Since this has become a scrappy block of the month project for me, I won’t have a finished project to share for at least another 7 months … because I love how they are turning out, I’m sharing this snapshot of where I am now.  Here are all the blocks I’ve made so far.

At the end of the year, I’ll likely add 4 more leaves–I will have to wait and see to decide on which colors to add–for a 16 block quilt, probably with some pieced sashing and borders.


Since this is Green month, I may get back to those scrappy green Star Chain blocks I wanted to make for myself in March.  Lately, I get project ideas during each month of the Block Lotto … I’m hopeless 😉

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  1. I saw this as a Pin by Riley Blake. It’s lovely! I don’t know whether the shape or the colour caught my eye first but I want to make it! Thanks for providing the pattern. Well done!

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