Sophie’s 7 Diagonal Bars Blocks

Posted by on May 1, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

Here are the 7 blocks I’ve made, put on point on the design wall.



When they’re arranged like this, they remind me a little of the Zia symbol on the New Mexico state flag.

New Mexico State Flag

I’m donating¬†my chances.


  1. Hi Sophie your blocks are looking really good. I am having a stinker of a time with this block …4 done and the center block is slightly different in each one…I checked the 1/4″ foot and found it loose and also not sewing at an actual 1/4″ but 3/16″ seam could you suggest any tips? I did tighten the screw.Hope to hear from you…remeasured the strips they are fine before I sew…but to get an actual 7 1/2′ BLOCK i NEED TO TRIM TOO FAR BACK TO HAVE A FULL 1/4″ AT EACH POINT. Whoops sorry hit a wrong key.

  2. I have a question. Is it OK to use the same blue for the triangles but have different blues for the stripes in each block?

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