thank you, thank you

Posted by on May 6, 2014 in sent and received | 3 comments

Over the past few days I have received blocks from…Caroline, Cathy L, Julianne, Julie W, Karen B, Karen H (hand delivered!) and Sophie!

I couldn’t stand it and laid them out just to see the blocks together so far….photo 2 (2)



  1. Julie,

    They look MARVELOUS!! I’m hoping to get your blocks posted today……there have been 2 National Holidays causing the post office to be closed since the 1st of May. Your ‘beauties’ will make a striking quilt! Congrats!

  2. Double Wow! they are looking great aren’t they? Your blocks will be in the mail Friday…once a week to town now …everything is so busy here and gas prices massive…$1.43 per liter the other day! Yikes…$12.00 to town and back. Time to get a Mo PED! LOL

  3. They are adorable together!

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