Printing the Sunrise Templates

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I’ve had a couple of email messages from people about printing and sizes and measurements today … and I thought others might also have questions.

This is what the print options look like when I print (from an iMac).

Print-Scale-ScreenShot You may have to change the orientation from portrait to landscape so that it fits on the page in a way that it nearly FILLS the page.  In the bottom half of the screen, you can see that I have the Auto Rotate option checked and it takes care of that for me.

I have to explicitly set the SCALE option to 100%.

Once printed, the measurement from the point of one half-ray across the foundation to the tip of the half-ray on the other side (or top and bottom) should be 10 inches. The measurement does not include the seam allowance.

The measurement across the space where the center half-circle will fit, not including the seam allowance should be 3 3/4 inches.

If you measure the templates for the background and the center, not including the seam allowances, you should have the same two measurements.


As Deanna noticed (in her comment on this post), the drawn seam allowance on the foundation template is NOT 1/4 inch.  It was created by resizing a template I found online (and then putting two of them together to form the half-sun shape).  A side effect of my process is that the drawn seam allowance was also resized.  This is why all the measurements I have supplied do not include the seam allowance.

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  1. Thank you Sophie. If I have time I will try again. I think my adobe reader was outdated at home or something because it did not allow me to adjust the scale. I reprinted at work and it seems to fit your measurements. The only part that confuses me is the seam allowance drawn around the outer edge of the paper pieced section is larger than 1/4″. I am redrawing mine to be an exact 1/4″ seam allowance to see if that fits. It should. Thanks again.

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