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If–like Cathy and Toni–you are having problems printing the GIF version of the templates on the Quilter’s Cache … try this PDF one:


I simply converted Marcia’s image to a PDF file format that will print at the correct size IF YOU DO NOT LET YOUR COMPUTER SCALE IT.

The dialogue box you see when printing will likely look different than mine (on a Mac), depending on the computer/operating system and printer you are using, but the things you are looking for are any indication that it will scale to fit or a percentage that is anything except 100%. 

As an example, here’s what I see. The options I care about are in the lower right of the window.





Without any intervention from me, my Mac will (un)helpfully chose to Scale to Fit and enlarge the template 109%.  I have to  click the Scale option and set it to 100% to print the templates the correct size.


  1. Arrgh! Just after I had finally drafted up my own paper-piecing patterns — but I was pleased to see that mine matched the PDF exactly. So I learned something and that, at my age, should be a good thing… A sunny day here and I think I deserve a walk with my old dog. Thanks for all you do to make this fun (most of the time).

  2. I often have problems when pages are sized for US and the international paper size (A4) is slightly different. This is especially tru with graphics (like GIF or JPEG) that are usually defined in pixel sizes and can vary depending on printer resolutions.

    I ended up using PowerPoint because I can do 2 things: make the slide a size to match my paper and create a square that is exactly 1 inch. After that I inserted the pattern into the slide as a graphic and resized it until my little 1-inch square fit perfectly on top of the one in the pattern. I’m sure that this method would work using other applications too.

  3. Thanks, Sophie!

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