Rho’s Block

Posted by on October 8, 2014 in blocks | 3 comments

Rhos is having problems posting, so I’m posting her block for her while we figure it out.



She’s using an android device, so if anyone has experience with that and suggestions for Rho, please add a comment. I don’t have access to any Android phones/tablets to try it myself.


  1. I use an android device and ive had same problems in the past. To be honest its very hit or miss with it. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. The best thing i can suggest though is if its loading the mobile version of the site try to get it back to full site version which is normally found at the bottom of the first page and that should help.

    • thanks. I’ll try tha. it’s very, very frustrating. Thanks for the input!

      • thanks. I’ll try that. it’s been very, very frustrating. Thanks for the input!

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