2 Easy X’s from Newbie Robin

Posted by on November 29, 2014 in blocks | 2 comments

Robin-2XblocksRobin (aka A.Lizard) has joined the block lotto … but is a little intimidated by the mechanism of creating a post.

I’m posting her blocks for her this month and asking everyone to welcome her  … and convince her it is possible to get past the fear of the unknown and figure out the process for adding a post.

Her blocks bring us to a total of 209 so far.

Reminder: TOMORROW is the last day of the month and the deadline for entering the drawing this month.  You must post the photo of your blocks before NOON (on the US East Coast) tomorrow.


  1. Hi Robin, Welcome to Block Lotto! Your blocks are very pretty ! I joined about this time last year and had that very same issue…Sophie showed amazing patience when I’d post things without clicking in the box beside Block, Sampler etc. or name it wrong like, Star Chains instead of Chained Star one time I even tried posting without pictures..the rules say that doesn’t count though so make sure you send a picture. Sophie would send me a nice little FYI letting me know what I’d have to do. (Thank You Sophie), I didn’t break anything (neither will you) and everything was sorted out and look at me go Now! They can’t shut me up!!! No worries Robin, no worries…just do your best.

  2. Welcome Robin. I am new to this group as well. You will become a pro before long. You blocks look great.

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