Birthdays, Celebrations and a Giveaway

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I have a birthday coming up this month and it’s a big one … the kind with a big fat ZERO at the end of it.

I haven’t yet decided how I will be celebrating … so here’s your chance to give me some ideas and win something nice for yourself.

Someone from the group–who asked to be anonymous–has put together this prize package for one lucky winner.  There are some nice fat quarters, YLI silk thread, a couple of Sulkys, some AQS applique scissors, some notions, and a nice book.


Blotto Giveaway



At this time of the year, most of us are busy finishing up handmade gifts for others … this will be a nice gift for one of you.


For a chance at this prize, leave a comment before noon (east coast in the US) on November 24 telling me how you celebrated your last big birthday or your idea on how you think I should celebrate mine.  I will chose a winner (using and pass on the winner’s info to our anonymous angel donor.

If you aren’t a Block Lotto regular, be sure that the email address you enter when you add your comment is valid so that I can get in touch with you.


Update: for some reason the option to add comments has inexplicably disappeared.  If you want to enter the drawing, but cannot add a comment, email me and I’ll be sure to include you.  (I am secretly hoping by updating the post, the ability to add comments will re-appear …



  1. Thank you very much to the anonymous donor of the prize. That was a very nice thing to do. I can’t think of a huge celebration for any birthday since I was sixteen. I had a dinner dance for all my friends then. Still, I like a nice group of friends and food. =) Thanks for the giveaway, and I hope your upcoming birthday is very, very happy!

  2. I’m afraid that I don’t make a big deal about my birthdays, either the 0s or otherwise. I just celebrate another year of living. Each one is a good one.

  3. Happy Big Birthday, Sophie! We have a “chili-fest” every year around new Year’s, but when there’s a big birthday, it morphs into a birthday party a little earlier or a little later (October or February) — just a big house party with too much food and everyone trying to remember the names of people they met the year before… For my last “big one”, my sister and I made a million cupcakes — quite fun!

  4. I love to celebrate my birthday for the whole month ( or at least use it as an excuse to do stuff)! My favorite way to celebrate is a Spa day with a massage and facial and pedicure and just enjoying being pampered!!! Hope you have a GREAT Day!!! The “0” birthdays are the best ones…especially if they keep on coming!!!! Lol

  5. What a generous prize. Last year I hit one of those big numbers and in the same month my husband hit retirement age. We ran away to the other side of the world for four weeks. We went to Costa Rica, Galapagos and Ecuador. My husband celebrated his birthday in Monteverde, Costa Rica and I celebrated my birthday ia a lodge in the Amazonia region.

  6. I not big on birthday celebrations, my husband took me out to a very nice dinner and surprised me that both of our sons & their girlfriends showed up. I hope you have a great birthday & enjoy whatever you want to do on the special day. Thank you to the anonymous donor for putting a prize package together.

  7. Happy Birthday! The Big O’s aren’t so bad, I’ve had 5 of them. We always get together with some friends and siblings, and go out for dinner.

  8. What a lovely idea! This spring I mostly ignored my Speed Limit birthday. This is hard to do with an April 1 birthday on any year but speed limit years are complex. Lots of fun lunches with friends, concert with my DS, and the best part – NO flamingos on the lawn. Birthdays are just another day in paradise. Who needs a birthday to have a good time!

  9. I can’t remember any time I’ve actually had a birthday celebration (young or old) so I wouldn’t have any suggestions.

  10. I feel very fortunate to continue to celebrate birthdays as I’ve already lost two sisters and one brother, and I’m the oldest. I think of myself young at 65. Anyway, although I do buy myself something extravagant every year, a new sewing machine, new boots I had wanted but considered “too expensive” and a new saddle have been past gifts to myself. BUT, best of all, the sister closest in age to me, makes certain that I have a wonderful day filled with mani’s, pedi’s and a girls lunch out. The best gift of all is family! Cheers! Toni

  11. This past birthday I had a wonderful present from my parents! They closed on a house here in GA for us to live in, well as soon as they retire and move down so they can be close to their grandson. Until then my husband, son, and I get to enjoy this beautiful place to finally call our own. Now as for what you should do, buying a house might be a little much lol, but what I’ve always thought is it’s your day so do what ever you want! Go on a shopping spree, stay at home and do nothing, go to lunch with a friend or many friends. The choice is yours. It’s your day have fun!!!!

  12. I recommend a tres leches cake! YUMMMY! My last birthday, my parents invited a couple of my friends over and she cooked my favorite meal. It was strange but fun having friends from HS in the same room as friends from college and mom group friends but it was fun.

    I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

  13. Regular birthdays are a big deal at our house, so milestone years are huge. My next birthday is an “ends with 0” birthday also and we are going to Ireland.
    Definitely celebrate with a trip. Even a weekend away will be a special memory you’ll have forever.

  14. Wow. That is a generous package! I am not big on celebrations, but if it is a big zero one, my sisters seem to think it is a big deal. Otherwise I don’t worry about it too much. I do like to buy special things for myself though. This year I will buy a couple scrap bags from cherrywood fabrics!

  15. Happy Birthday Sophie in advance! For my “big” birthdays I’ve scheduled a reunion with my 3 best friends from college and we spend a weekend together catching up. We live indifferent states, and sometimes different countries, so it’s always fun when we can get the 4 of us together. Also, since we area all born the same year, we can do one big celebration for the 4 of us.

  16. I am one of those people who have a birthday MONTH an a big birthday WEEK and of course the BIG DAY itself! My little family puts up with me; my friends just ignore me! I turned the big 6-O this year, so it was a big one for me too!

    If you want, why don’t you come on down to Louisiana on your big day. We could head off to New Orleans and tour the cemeteries and you will fell a bit younger! Our cemeteries are spectacular places of architecture and statuary. After the three quilt shops, I will show you Marie LaVeaux the famous Voodoo Woman’s gravesite. Then we would eat our way back to Baton Rouge at all the most famous and wonderful restaurants…..after visiting Daisy’s Quilt Shop on the Bayou!

    Back home in Baton Rouge, we would head out to my cousin’s place in Addis (and hit two quilt shops) and see their vintage cars and eat some incredible Jambalaya. We could head north to Lafayette and see the three quilt shops there.
    Then on the weekend I could impress you with Death Valley at LSU. I don’t necessarily like football, but I have to admit the place is incredible with all the Tailgaters and the game later in the day. Like no place else on earth!

    And we can sew and sew and sew and sew……….till you have to drag yourself up and head home!

    As we say, Lassiez les Bon Temps Roulette – Let the Good Times Roll! You can’t feel bad in Louisiana! We can show you a good time.

  17. HOW NICE IS THIS,What a great Haul someone will have! What a neat way to spice up the month Sophie! Thank You donor!!!
    Sophie, I wish you a very Happy Birthday! YAY!!! The big ‘O’! ( I would also take Glen up on that amazing offer even if it means waiting a bit to put in play!!!) I treasure my Birthdays, I don’t share my actual date with too many though. I don’t celebrate with parties or dinners/get togethers, but, I do make a point of calling my family and friends and chatting, I sit back and ponder the past year it’s joys and it’s losses , I often call the families of friends who have passed just to touch base . I usually just sit and imagine all the great things that are going to happen in my new birth year, I make plans like who I’d like to spend a holiday with in this new year and how I might make that happen. What project do I want to crack down on and complete. Every big ‘O’ year has also made me realize that I can relax more and stop doing things I don’t really like doing anymore(committees etc.) that have become more habit then anything else. I promise to be gentler and kinder to myself and act on that promise. I also pick a random act of kindness and see it through that week. I have the very best Birthdays! I have a great life and I am very Thankful for each year I have lived.
    On the lighter side, Since my birth year was my little secret, I goofed up when I forgot to add years occasionally…When I gave my pretend age it ment my son who was turning 50 years was only 7 years younger then I! BUSTED!!!

  18. I agree that each anniversary of the day you were born is special. I was born on my father’s birthday. My last one was a big one because I got eligible for Medicare. You bet I celebrated! Hope you will have a wonderful day too!

  19. We haven’t made a big deal about our zero year birthdays. If you can manage the funding, I think you should take yourself on a trip to a quilty event. Several years ago I went to a quilt show in November in West Palm Beach, FL. Or maybe there’s something closer to you? In California? Thanks to Ms. Anonymous for the giveaway! Happy birthday, Sophie!

  20. BigO’s are the best BD’s were 50 and 60. On my 60th, two other friends turning 60 and I threw a “come as you were” party with the 1960’s being the theme. Everyone came dressed as hippies with some smattering of joe college and “establishment” types and “pigs”. The real fun was when people came in character. We had Sunny and Cher, Jimmie Hendrix, Cheech and Chong, Black Panthers, Abby Hoffman complete with bull horn and protest signs and groupies. We also karaoked to some 60’s music. Someone brought a fake doobie and we had a laff passing it around, It was so silly and fun! So my suggestion to you is celebrate with some friends and have a hoot! Thank you and the mystery donor for the generous prize being offered .

  21. My favorite way to celebrate any birthday is by having a favorite meal and a nice glass of my favorite wine and putting on my favorite warm pajamas and watching a favorite movie. A day of favorites. My birthday is in January so it is always cold and not good for being out late, lol. Hope you have a great birthday. Thanks to the prize donor. What a nice thing to do.

  22. Having an August birthday, I always followed the example of Caesar Augustus by celebrating the month.
    For a November birthday a grateful celebration of such a giving person, who helps us by brightening our day
    by hosting such a fun activity, is appropriate for a month or at least a week, and I’m sure we can add that date
    to the list of things for which we can give thanks. Wishing you a joyful celebration, HC

  23. My goodness, what a nice prize! Thank you generous donor, whoever you are. I am not going to be much birthday help, though, as we don’t really have big celebrations for birthdays. Dinner out, maybe a trip to the quilt shop or an online order is usually about it for me. Don’t let those zeros get you down, it’s just another year – happy birthday!

  24. My past few birthdays have been uneventful, but I do make an effort with my daughter because she was born 2 days before Christmas. She always has a ‘birthday party day’ and an ‘actual’ birthday. This year we have booked in to take the 2 cheetahs at the Auckland Zoo for a walk. Twice a week they are put on leashes and walk around the zoo with the keepers before it opens. I can’t wait to pet a cheetah! (I think I’m more excited than my 11-year old to be.)


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