November’s Update for the Mod-Mod Sampler Quilts

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Last month I said it was never too late to catch up and I have managed to do just that with one of the two samplers I started in January.  Here’s another look, in better light, at my full/queen-size quilt in progress.  I’ve sewn all the individual modules together … getting ready to have all the blocks and all the modules assembled, to make sewing it all together into a quilt top next month.  It’s pretty easy to guess where December’s blocks will go now, isn’t it?


Sophies Mod-Mod Sampler on the wall




If you notice that this looks different than the low-light photo I shared a couple days ago, it’s because I’ve rotated the photo to match the layout below.

I am putting my blocks together as in my original drawing, but that doesn’t mean you have to … the MOD-ular way these blocks fit together make it easy to substitute blocks in the modules and, once the modules are made, play with the design and rotate and/or rearrange them.


How Many Blocks

Here’s the updated chart how many blocks we made so far in the Block Lotto that you’ll need to make each size/version of the quilt.


Small Crib Throw Twin F/Q King
Easy X 2 4 6 6 8 18
Woven Bars 1 2 3 4 4 8
Sweet Dreams 3 3 3 3 6 12
Little Windows Blocks 2 6 9 11 14 25
Spokes Blocks 3 4 6 9 14 21
Sunrise Blocks 2 2 4 6 10 14
Diagonal Bars Blocks 4 4 8 12 12 20
Triangles-in-a-Square Blocks 3 3 6 9 9 12
Star Chain Blocks 1 2 2 3 4 5
Bead-on-a-String 3 6 7 10 13 17
Double Chevron Blocks 1 2 3 4 6 8


If you are sewing together the modules as you go, you’ll be completing the ones that look like this:


ModuleC    ModuleF


Quilt Layouts By Size

Here are the quilt layouts for each size, with the Easy X blocks highlighted in red.


Small (42-inch square)4 modules arranged 2-by-2ModModAllSizes-11  Crib (42 by 63-inch rectangle)6 modules arranged 2 (wide) by 3 (high)ModModAllSizes-11
Throw (63 inch square)9 modules arranged 3-by-3ModModAllSizes-11  Twin (63 by 84-inch rectangle)12 modules arranged 3 (wide) by 4 (high)ModModAllSizes-11
Full/Queen (84-inch square)16 modules arranged 4 by 4ModModAllSizes-11 King (105 inch square)25 modules arranged  5 by 5ModModAllSizes-11


If you are making blocks (or thinking about making blocks), please do blog about it here.  Use the category my sampler and the tag mod mod qal. This will make it easy for someone to take a quick look at what others are up to by looking at posts in the my  sampler category.


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  1. Looks like a birthday is a great motivator! It’s an amazing QT.

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