Variations on the X Block

Posted by on November 16, 2014 in block lotto community | 5 comments

As usual, I’m seeing variations of our Easy X block everywhere. ¬†Here are a couple I really like:

Siggie squares made like one of the quarters in the Easy X (use the plain fabric for the X-fabric and sign it when you’re done.

Unattributed quilt photo

Which reminds me … would anyone be interested in a signature squares swap sometime next year? I always wanted to make one of these and would love to have signs from the Block Lotto community.


Bonnie Hunter’s String-X Quilt – directions are here.


  1. Hi Sophie, I think the swap would be fun…I am in! Have a great day Sophie!!!

  2. I think a signature block could be fun. I think it should include where the person is located.

  3. I’d like to do a siggie swap too. That would be fun. And I agree, the signature should include where the person is located. Thanks for the idea, Sophie!

  4. I would be interested! Sounds like fun!

  5. I think the sig squares would be great. And maybe the scrappy fabric could be somehow related to where we live (state or national colors, state flower or bird, novelty , animals. etc.

    As to the x pattern, a recent Quiltmania magazine (my newest drool over publication), has a pattern using French General Bouquet francaise fabrics and these x scares surraounding a central block of the large floral. (my next project to start; but an excuse to order some of the luscious fabrics!) It uses 5 ” charms for the parts of the xes. (the arms of the xes are the charms, with ecru triangles at the 2 corners.

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