2 More Ideas for Helen, Visualized

Posted by on December 23, 2014 in block lotto community | 1 comment

After I probably spent too much time last night cutting up Helen’s photo into virtual blocks, I couldn’t resist creating examples of two approaches to designing a sampler quilt. I promise that I’ll stop now … and get busy working on the sneak peek for tomorrow (yikes!)

In both quilts, I assumed there will be 4 Mug blocks (I used each of Helen’s blocks twice).

The first example is a Medallion-style, very symmetrical layout.  I added one more virtual block in the center, to make a square quilt with a 7 blocks by 7 blocks layout possible–this would measure 63 inches square without any borders.



For the second quilt, I took an approach similar to this year’s Mod-mod sampler.  In this case, I laid out the blocks one 3 x 4 block module at a time.  Then I visually put the 4 modules together.  (It’s that “kitchen sink” feeling that I like, but I know it’s not for everyone …)




Helen, I hope you and Christa have fun playing with the blocks and I can’t wait to see what YOU decide to do with them.

I confess I have a set of these blocks (one of each block pattern) and playing with your blocks made me want to pull mine out and work on my own setting idea … so thanks for that inspiration.

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  1. So much creativity on this site! I like both of these layouts the second one says, ” Oh! Fun” to me and I want to spend longer studying it and I’m waiting knowing it contains a surprise…the first one Says, “I got it all together….rest…this is it”

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