Helen’s 2013 sampler blocks…

Posted by on December 22, 2014 in block lotto community, Inspiration | 5 comments

sampler a sampler b sampler c sampler d sampler e


I couldn’t help myself, I printed out the picture of Helen’s blocks. (Sophie gave me the idea)  I tried laying them out in different ways. This was fun to do on a cold, rainy morning…waiting for the sun to come up.


  1. I see some ideas I like there … and I thought you were being clever doing it in Black and White so we could see the blocks in terms of their values.

  2. Lol. Someone is being very creative! I am most attracted to the last layout Julie…with the second picture being my next favorite…Isn’t it wonderful the way the same blocks can be so differently displayed? I’d bet we would find left brain thinkers prefer certain layouts and right brain thinkers prefer others and of course they are all wonderful and perfect!

  3. I am so itching to do what Julie did. No no no, no time. On the upside, I am visiting Helen soon. May be I can play with the real thing then. I think the black and white thing is great. Never thought how important that can be.

  4. I like the last layout best. I love the houses in the middle.

  5. WOW!!! I like different aspects of each of these. Papa might be doing lots of playing with his grandson while we play in the sewing room……or maybe we will get lucky and both will take a nap.

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