Good News … Bad News

Posted by on July 5, 2015 in block lotto community | 4 comments

The good news is that I am moved and my internet works.  So, as I am unpacking and trying to find a place for everything in this (much) smaller house, I can start catching up with all the great cats and fish and dogs everyone has been making.

The bad news is that mover was a disaster … so bad that I called the police when he became physically threatening and, because he took off with all three of my TVs (I know, I know, I probably watch too much TV and no one person should *need* three, but I had them) and I will now have to take him to court to get them back and get reimbursed for the things damaged or destroyed.   I am more than stressed out and so I may continue to be distracted for a while.

This weekend I have been thinking about all the pets in my life and how I might interpret them in a quilt block pattern.  As I was packing up my books, I saw a couple of possibilities–a redwork cat and another cat from Margaret Rolfe’s Animal Kingdom … of course none of the books are unpacked yet, so before I can make them, I have to unpack them and get my sewing room in order–it currently is the holding place for the empty boxes …

In any event, if you have questions or need me for anything, I should be around.


  1. Oh my gosh, how could a mover be such a jerk? It does not matter how many TVs you have, he had no right to take anything at all, break anything, or in any way harm your belongings. I hope you report him to the Better Business bureau and perhaps make some comment on yelp or some of those other “rate the service” types of websites.

    You sure do need some distractions.

  2. What a mess! So sorry you are having to deal with this. Your property has been stolen. And the police know who stole it. So I don’t understand why it is your responsibility to sue him. The police should arrest him for theft and recover your property. I hope things go more smoothly now that you are moved.

  3. So sorry for the move problems. moving at its best is difficult. Bad movers make things so hard. Good luck with the unpacking and hope it goes smoothly.

  4. Oh, no! You shouldn’t have to take him to court when he STOLE your TVs! That is so unbelievable that could happen with a reputable company now. You have no recourse through the employer?

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