Lucky #7 BLock for July

Posted by on July 30, 2015 in blocks | 2 comments

Chicken II

Seven down Two to go…….but don’t hold your breath….

I would have had more time but Tuesday as I was searching for my embroidery floss – I’ve looked all over and just can’t locate it…..but I thought…..”Hey the fabric shelves in my bedroom entrance next to the the laundry room”…….I didn’t find the floss but I found ANTS!!!! Ants making a nest in my special fabric that I’ve been saving for just that perfect project!!! Teeny Tiny little unwelcomed guests!!!! SO all my valuable sewing time got taken up in really deep cleaning and eradicating these pests!!! Oh thank goodness I found them!!! It was amazing how many ants there were…..but now they are GONE!!!! and my fabric….only a very few, VERY FEW, small ant stains and on a piece of fabric that isn’t my very favorite so all’s well….. Oh living in the tropics is so much fun!!!! well, most days!!!


  1. I didn’t even know ants would ever be interested in fabric! Love your chicken.

  2. Oh ants will make nests just about anywhere. My cats feeding station for my two cats is on top of the dryer. I had been noticing the ants but they are SO SMALL that I didn’t really give it much thought…….well, now I know better!!!

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