A Blast from the Past

Posted by on September 8, 2015 in show and tell | 2 comments

Over the weekend, Amy emailed me with a link to an Instagram photo and a question – “Does this quilt look familiar?”  It did.


This is one version of a sampler I designed around this time of year in 2006, made from the blocks (or elements of them) for the 2007 Block Lotto.  You can see all the blocks we made that year here. Someone was encouraging me to produce and sell a pattern and I was working with Amy, who had EQ, to help me figure out the yardage needed.

Amy said that while she was visiting her family in Grand Rapids, Michigan earlier in the summer, she had gone to the quilt show in Grand Haven and saw a quilt whose description said it was made from blocks won here … and it motivated her to go home and finish her quilt.  (I am guessing it was a quilt made by Elizabeth, but whomever it was can take full credit).

My version of the quilt is made from thirties repros and is larger, with an appliqué inner border.  I made the mistake of sharing it when it was in-progress and received some unsolicited feedback on what was wrong, what should be changed and … it discouraged me, made me second guess myself and I put it away (for far too long–it is still unfinished.)




  1. I hope seeing this one will make you rethink your abandoned quilt. This is beautiful and I can only imagine that, with an appliqued inner border, it would be stunning. You have excellent taste. Do it YOUR way.

  2. Yes, the “inspiration” quilt was mine. It was the Easy X one I made this year; it was a graduation gift for a friend’s daughter. It was the second year I was lucky enough to win (and finish) a Block
    Lotto quilt in time to show it in our Lighthouse Quilt Guild Show. It also was pictured on the front page of our paper — well, there really aren’t a lot of exciting news happenings in this little town, so our quilts become the news of the week.

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